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Fall Newsletter

Fall Newsletter 2017

Ohashi — on his way to somewhere.

The Go Tour! 5 locations in 25 days.

This November and December, Ohashi travels to Italy, Paris and New York City offering 7 workshops. Here are the many opportunities to study with him.

  • Torino — Healing Scarf and Oriental Diagnosis
  • Acqui Terme — Ohashiatsu for Parkinson’s
  • APOS, Bologna — OHASHI Method for Professional Practitioners, APOS conference
  • Bologna —Ohashiatsu for Lower Back Pain
  • Paris — Ohashiatsu for Pain Management, SPS conference
  • New York City — Ohashi's BodyWork Course

Network News

It's not only Ohashi who is busy this year. Our dedicated Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructors, Consultants and friends have been busy too. Read below to see how Touch for peace is continuing around the world. Read More.

Ohashiatsu in Crete

IYI Ohashi

Memories from Miles Away

Here’s a recap of the places Ohashi and Kazu have traveled to this year. It’s hard to believe that these courses happened this year. We look back to our wonderful sponsors, students and locations with fondness. Read More.

Ohashiatsu, la Méthod Ohashi

After two years of hard work, we are extremely happy to announce the publication of Ohashi's Beyond Shiatsu book translated into French. Read More.

COI Johanna

IYI Ohashi

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The Go Tour! 5 locations in 25 days.

Ohashi Torino!

Healing Scarf, November 17 and Oriental Diagnosis, November 18 & 19
Sponsored by Senior COIs Gianpiero Bellini and Domenico Bassi.

Ohashi will teach his body-saving Healing Scarf Technique in a one-day workshop on November 17. He will discuss the importance of preventing fatigue and damage to your body, and demonstrate how to properly fold and hold the scarf; how to use your natural gravity (hara) to produce effective, comfortable and effortless treatment; how to use the scarf to manipulate different parts of the body to relieve discomfort. Designed for bodywork practitioners, especially shiatsu and massage therapists, physical therapists, osteopaths, and yoga and exercise instructors, this course is for those who are motivated to discover a holistic way to benefit their clients and their own health and bodies.

On November 18-19, Ohashi will offer Ohashi's Oriental Diagnosis. He compares Eastern and Western approaches to health based on his many years of observing clients and students, and explains the precepts in a language all can understand. He will discuss and demonstrate face and body diagnosis, back diagnosis with bilateral distortion, and movement diagnosis. He ends the course with his famous "shoe diagnosis" by reading participants' shoes to analyze the lifestyle, psychology, health, and even financial condition of the wearer. Designed for both layperson and professional, this course helps you to view the human and natural worlds with new eyes.

Download the Brochures for the Torino Courses in Italian or English.

Ohashi Acqui Terme

Ohashiatsu for Parkinson’s, November 22
Sponsored by COI Claudia Minetti and Associazione Sastoon.

As the Italian population ages, a greater number of people are developing symptoms of Parkinson's disease. This workshop addresses issues faced by those suffering from Parkinson's disease, their family members, and the professional therapists who treat them. Ohashi will demonstrate how Ohashiatsu, applied at home or at a studio or clinic, can help to manage the symptoms of Parkinson's. Learn a loving touch for those who suffer from Parkinson's.

Download the flyer here.

Ohashi APOS

OHASHI Method® for Professional Practitioners, November 25, 26
Sponsored by Associazione Professionale Operatori e Insegnanti Shiatsu.

Ohashi expands upon the key principles underlying his approach to bodywork, based on 45 years of successful practice. You will learn how to improve your treatment through energizing your movement with tonus, cross-patterning, using hara, continuity, and coordinating mother & messenger hand with mother & messenger knee. With him, you will learn how to execute professional technique smoothly and effortlessly. With his positive view of human nature, Ohashi's courses are joyous and uplifting.

Register Today through APOS.

Ohashi Bologna

Lower Back Pain Workshop & Public Clinic, November 27
Sponsored by Senior COI Mauro Stabellini

In this special class, hosted by Ohashiatsu® a Bologna, you will learn how to determine if the source of pain is physical or emotional; how to release stored tension in the back, neck, shoulders; and how to position a client for the most effective manipulations. Class participants will practice on each other. In the afternoon, the class opens to the general public for a clinical open session.

Download the Brochure in Italian or English. Or Register Today!

Ohashi Paris

SPS Conference & Workshop, Paris, December 2, 3
Sponsored Syndicat Professionnel de Shiatsu (SPS)

Ohashi is honored to be invited to attend and teach at the Syndicat Professionnel de Shiatsu's (SPS) inaugural conference in Paris December 2-3. "Shiatsu and Health" is the theme of the assembly's first day with sessions on many interesting topics. Ohashi will speak on the management of pain through Ohashiatsu touch, and on Sunday he offers a full day practical workshop "Ohashiatsu® for Pain Management." This hands-on practical course is open to all — you do not have to be a member of SPS to register. Ohashi looks forward with working with French therapists and professionals in Paris.

Register Today through SPS.

Ohashi NYC

Ohashi’s Bodywork Course, December 9 – 12
Sponsored by Integral Yoga Institute New York City.

Discover what thousands of students have experienced around the world. Ohashi returns to IYI to teach his famous OHASHI Method bodywork technique. In this 4-day intensive course you will learn the body-movement principles of his unique method that maximizes movement and enhances your joy of giving. Always uplifting, Ohashi's philosophy of life and his technique offer a way to maintain good health and improve life style. Ideal for bodywork therapists, yoga instructors, fitness professionals. Open to all.

Sessions & Tutorials: In December, while in New York City, Ohashi will offer sessions and tutorials. For more information or to sign-up, please email Kazu Ohashi.

Register Today! Space is Limited.

Network News

It's not only Ohashi who is busy this year. Our dedicated Certified Ohashiatsu Instructors, Consultants and friends have been busy too. Read below to see how Touch for Peace is continuing around the world.

New York City

Our talented and dedicated COI, Johanna Schwarzbeck, is preparing to leave New York at the end of November and relocate in Berlin, Germany, to be closer to her family. Johanna has been active teaching in New York and New Paltz for several years. While we wish she could stay here in New York, Johanna will help to re-introduce Ohashiatsu in Germany with courses and a private practice. We wish her all the best for her upcoming projects. On November 15, Johanna will offer Practice Class at the EZ Loft, in Manhattan. We would like to see you there to say goodbye, and to take this opportunity to improve your technique!


We are happy to welcome Gabriella Boero as a new COI in Torino. Gabriela has been a long-time COC and this year completed her training to start offering courses in Ohashiatsu. Congratulations to Gabriela.


COC Tiziana Bonamin is moving back from Burino Faso (Africa) to Torino, where she has family. She will work with our Senior COIs Domenico Bassi and Gianpiero Bellini, who sponsor the Ohashiatsu Program in that city. A former dancer and Pilates instructor, she says Ohashiatsu has been a great discovery for her — it is a way to work actively and efficiently on the link between body and mind, based on listening and sharing through touch.

Retreat in Greece

Maureen Miller, our long-time Senior Instructor in the US, taught her signature workshop, Embracing the Whole, Interpreting the Law of The 5 Elements in Crete, Greece, last July. The retreat was organized by Ohashiatsu® in Torino. She was joined by other instructors and consultants from Italy and France, including Rossana Tursi and Véronique Roger Bauer. Thank you to all the Ohashiatsu students and graduates that joined.

United States

COI Marco Beghin has moved with his partner Felix to Los Angeles, California, with their two beautiful Italian Greyhound dogs, Acero and Sakura. We wish them all the good fortune in the world on their new adventure as "Best Coasters". We wish they were closer geographically to us, but they will forever be in our hearts. Say hi to Marco and visit him for a session in LA.


We say hello to a new Certified Ohashiatsu® Consultant, hailing all the way from Uruguay. We are so happy to welcome Lucia Campugiani to our extended Ohashiatsu family. Lucia has an extensive background in bodywork and healing. She completed her training October 2016 in Bari,Italy, with Ohashi.


COC David Millerot in France is the translator of Ohashi's bodywork book in French. The title is Ohashiatsu, la Méthod Ohashi: la nouvelle dimension du shiatsu. (This book is now available in 5 languages.) David recently assisted Ohashi's course in Brittany, France.

Memories from Miles Away

2017 has already been a busy year. It's hard to believe that these courses happened this year. We look back to our wonderful sponsors, students and locations with fondness. Here's a recap of the adventures Ohashi and Kazu have had so far.

Melbourne, Australia — APRIL Australian Shiatsu College; Muscle Meridian Sedation, Psychology of the Meridians, Ohashi's Oriental Diagnosis.

In April, Ohashi and Kazu traveled to Melbourne, Australia to teach three great courses. They were very pleased to see many familiar faces from their 2015 visit. They were especially grateful to see Jenny Dorrington again, Director of the Australian Shiatsu College. Jenny worked tirelessly to make everything perfect for Ohashi's visit.

Brittany, France — JULY Ecole de Shiatsu Arts et Culture de Pont Aven; Vonnick le Berre, Healing Scarf Technique, Ohashiatsu® for a Healthy Pregnancy.

In July, Ohashi and Kazu visited Pont-Aven, Brittany, France for the first time. With over 100 students, Ohashi was at his best, teaching two incredible courses, Healing Scarf Technique and Ohashiatsu for a Healthy Pregnancy. Our sponsor, Vonnick Le Berre, made sure everything was organized and ran smoothly, for which we are very grateful. Ohashi's schedule was packed, not only with courses, but also tutorials and sessions. They were able to have COI Bruno Egea and COC David Millerot join them. On the second day of the course a local reporter came and interviewed Ohashi and Vonnick.

Dinan, France — JULY Ohashiatsu for Lower Back Pain, COC David Millerot.

After Pont-Aven, Ohashi and Kazu traveled to Dinan, also in Brittany. This enchanting city in the north of the peninsula captures a fascinating cross-section of the Brittany culture. Here, English, Celtic, and even ancient Druid influences combine to create a special atmosphere. For lunch they were hosted at the summer home of our recent graduate, Valerie, and that evening treated to a harp concert in the city center.

The next day Ohashi met with the SPS secretary general Jacques Laurent, and discussed Ohashi's visit to Paris in December. Finally, Ohashi taught an impromptu three hour workshop on treating Lower Back Pain, quickly and superbly organized by COC David Millerot.

New York City, U.S. — JULY Integral Yoga Institute; Ohashi’s Oriental Diagnosis.

Their summer adventure did not stop upon their return to Kinderhook. Ohashi and Kazu kissed Bonnie, refreshed their bags, and then took the train to NYC. Our friend Temimah Bassel, not only took the course, but signed up for every tutorial offered. COC Lucia Campugiani from Uruguay, came for the course and a tutorial. Lucia is a very talented singer and guitar player. Former COI Mitchell Wolf also stopped by. They couldn't have been happier to see a few old friends and make new ones, at one of the best courses this year.

Ohashiatsu, la Méthod Ohashi

After a long incubation and plenty of work on both sides of the Atlantic, we are very pleased to announce the French edition of Ohashi's Beyond Shiatsu: Ohashi's Bodywork Method published by Guy Trédaniel Éditeur. Our hat is off to COC David Millerot, who initiated the effort to translate this important book by Ohashi. With over 275 full color photographs and charts, Beyond Shiatsu is intended primarily for the giver. Published in 1994 in English, Beyond Shiatsu was probably the first bodywork book concerned with the health, balance, comfort, and preservation of the giver's body. Rather than diminish therapeutic effectiveness, Ohashi's bodywork method maximizes treatment with minimum effort, and allows the giver to be more receptive to the receiver's needs. This French edition joins the Italian, Hungarian, Spanish, and English editions in print. Practitioners will also find basic information for diagnosis and treatment, with charts of the 14 meridians and a special diagram of the areas where the meridians intersect the hara.

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